Storms Make The World Green Again

It’s been stormy here in California for the past couple of weeks. Pelting rain, thick clouds, even some (gasp) thunder.

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, rain was a common occurrence. Nothing to blink an eye at really. But here, it makes the nightly news. “Rain coming! Be prepared!” Some schools even closed for a few days.

Now admittedly it did rain a lot, probably more than I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been living here. But that’s not the amazing thing.

The day after the ‘big storm’, I was picking up the kids from school when I noticed that the hills all around the Bay Area were covered in an amazingly vibrant green coat instead of their usual brown, dry grass.

The beauty of it struck me, and I realized that we actually need storms sometimes to make the world green again.

As in nature, so in life. My therapist describes the process of growth as “repeatedly falling apart to fall back together again, better.” We need to break sometimes so that we can learn, process, integrate, and rebuild a stronger, maybe brighter version of ourselves.

So that’s my nudge for today, in this holiday week. If you’re weathering an internal storm, try to give yourself some gentle time to let it run its course, keeping yourself as lovingly warm and cozy as you can. It will pass, and the sun will come again.

And you just might find your inner world becoming a more vibrant shade of beautiful green.

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