See The Good In The Struggle

Here’s a thought that’s been transforming my whole attitude towards life lately. I wanted to share it in case it’s helpful for you, too.

The idea is simple yet profound, and has taken a long while to trickle into my deep subconscious understanding.

This is it: you can mine your suffering to find gold.

When we go through a challenge in life, we may find that some new insight or understanding or good comes out of it. And if not, we can still use the experience to open our hearts and increase our compassion for others in the same situation.

So in times of distress, I remind myself:

  1. There are others feeling like this right now, I’m not alone.
  2. It will pass, I can ride it out.
  3. How can I use this experience for good, growth, or benefiting the world?

As the poet Rumi says, “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

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