What I Learned From Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within

You know how there are some people in your life who massively influence your path?

I read Tony’s first book, Unlimited Power, when I was in college.

And it opened my eyes to what was possible for me out there in the big world ahead.

It had a big effect on me leaving a career in cancer research to become an entrepreneur, moving from Toronto to California, learning how to inspire and believe and make things happen.

20 years later, I was so excited to get to go to one of his live events, called Unleash The Power Within. Imagine 4 immersive days of accelerated therapy, dancing, and connecting in deep gratitude with the people around you.

Healing, crying, celebrating, resolving, contributing, transforming into a more shining version of yourself.

Here are some things I learned while I was there…

  • Life is too short to suffer.
  • Every day above ground is a great day.
  • Do what you do best and hire people to do all the rest.
  • The first step is the hardest.
  • Train every day. TRAINING NEVER STOPS.
  • Raise your standards!
  • If you say you can’t, then you MUST. No hesitation.
  • If I want to have more joy, confidence, and peace, I have to DO joy, confidence, and peace in my body.
  • A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means. You can give certainty to yourself!!
  • If you get in your head (and forget about your heart), you’re dead.
  • Lift your energy UP!!! Dance, move around, don’t get stuck in low energy states.
  • If you dance with fear, it slows down and gets tired. Don’t resist, align with it, let it wear itself out and you’re free.
  • Ask yourself, What if I’m wrong here? Consider other perspectives.
  • Make decisions from a grateful, loving state rather than a tense, stressed out one. Take time to get into the right state first.
  • See things as they are, not worse than they are.
  • Energy comes from your psychology. If you shift your energy, you shift your life.
  • I don’t need an excuse to feel good.
  • Don’t play small.
  • Realize that most of your thoughts are not your mind, but either THE human genetic/evolutionary mind or stuff other people have planted there.
  • Ultimate Success Formula:
    1. Know your outcome. Clarity is power!!!
    2. Know your reasons why. Why is it a must?
    3. Take massive action.
    4. Pay attention to the results you’re getting.
    5. Change your approach until you get what you want.
  • Perception/meaning determines your experience.
  • Physiology/state allows energy.
  • Rapport with others helps you get what you want.
  • Strategy gives you ideas to try.
  • Three Beliefs for Lasting Success:
    It must change now.
    I must change it now.
    I can change it now.
  • The past does not equal the future.
  • Change is never a matter of ability, it’s always a matter of motivation.
  • Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
  • We grow or we die.
  • Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
  • Turn expectation into appreciation.
  • Progress = happiness. There’s always another level.
  • We grow so that we have something to give.
  • Our decisions, not our conditions, control our lives.
  • Live in a beautiful, high-energy state vs. a suffering state, and life works! Every day, no matter what.
  • LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SUFFER. No matter what happens. Appreciate and love something in that moment.
  • We learn fastest by immersion.
  • I am not willing to suffer.

Takeaway: I am a glowing healer that saves and impacts millions of lives. My work will inspire others. I will not hold myself back anymore because of other people’s experiences and fears. I will share and be heard and seen and really help.

Things I value:

Things I don’t value:
fear of loss/pain
wasting life
taking things for granted
being trapped

If you get a chance, I definitely recommend taking a read, a listen, or a trip to one of Tony’s experiences. Even if you learn only one new idea that could change the way you think about your life, it will be well worth the effort.

I’m very grateful for his work, and that it found its way into my awareness.

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